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Education- The Way Forward for Developing India


India is a nation with immense potential, but seems stuck in limbo as far as uniform progress is concerned. As the largest democracy in the world, our economy is picking up right now and things seem to be on the uptick. It is about time we sit up and take notice of the fact that we are lagging behind most other developing nations as far as education is concerned.

Statistics show that almost 4% of our children never go to school. Over 58% never complete their primary schooling and a very small 10% actually reach college. Considering that we are growing at a massive pace and are trying to be on par with the international community, better education opportunities for all is the need of the hour. It is the only way to secure a better pay job and to break free from the shackles of poverty. It is the upliftment of this very under-privileged sector that will make a world of difference to the growth of our country.

There are so many reasons in which children are denied education, the girl child especially. Girls are often kept at home to look after the home and hearth while the parents go out to work. Often the young boys of the family are only considered an additional working hand. The children of migrant workers are rarely enrolled in school as the parents are constantly moving. This makes managing studies quite difficult. And finally the most common of all problems –potentially bright students don’t have the financial backing to see them complete school.

With each passing day, families are becoming more aware of the need for good basic education if they are to hope for their children to have a better tomorrow. Research on education for underprivileged kids has clearly shown that better education also improves financial status, health, exposure to the world, reduce mortality rates, brings down the rate of child marriage and much more. If only, these children are given a chance. It is important that we work towards making everyone more aware of their rights and their prospects with better education.

How you help do this is entirely up to you – whether you would like to donate for education of kids in India or you would like to teach, you can help make a difference. Yashoda Foundation works on both these aspects and you can help us break the vicious cycle of illiteracy-induced poverty.

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