1. Whom does Yashoda Foundation work with?

Yashoda Foundation works with underprivileged out of school children, rural communities awareness programs, health support, livelihood, micro-entrepreneurship, helping PWDS (person with disabilities) etc.,

2. Does Yashoda Foundation have any Partners?

No, we don’t have any partners. Our primary funding source is from ProArch It Solutions and Individuals. We are associated with different organisations and      take the help of Ngo’s, Cbo’s, Government, etc., as per our need.

3. Is Yashoda Foundation a registered foundation?

Yes, it is a registered foundation. It was registered in the Year 2007 on the 7th of November.

4. How do I apply for volunteering?

It’s by contacting us – we have activities based on the interest level.

5. What are the ways through which I can contribute to Yashoda?

  • Donate Money
  • Donate specific requirements(stationery, clothes, groceries )
  • Sponsor a teacher’s monthly salary
  • Celebrate birthdays/marriage anniversaries, etc.
  • Sponsor daily /monthly/yearly programs
  • Refer a friend

6. The problem is huge! Will my small contribution towards the cause make any difference?

Of course it does, any small contribution will benefit the program and enable us to reaching out to more needy people.

7. How does Yashoda choose the projects it supports?

The projects are purely need based. After proper ground work, the projects are shortlisted followed by the management approval.

8. Are people working for Yashoda paid?

Yes, we have paid staff as well as volunteers working for our foundation.

9. Is the annual report of Yashoda freely available?

Yes, it is available to those who wish to view it.

10. If I donate money, can I track it?

Yes, if you sponsor a child completely per annum, we will send you the progress and you can also interact with the child occasionally.

11. What are the ways in which Yashoda raises funds?

  • Donations from individuals
  • Online Transfers/Cheques/DDs
  • Donations encourage people to celebrate functions
  • Sponsorship of children on monthly/yearly

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