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“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

                                                                                           ~Mother Teresa

Volunteering is perhaps one of those things where you gain more the more you give. Volunteering for something that inspires you and drives you can be enormously beneficial not only for the cause you are volunteering for but also for you. Studies have proven that positive volunteering helps you become happier and more healthy. So doing good does pay back!

As a community enabler, Yashoda Foundation thrives on volunteers and donors. We would like to offer you a chance to work with children and young adults and help us give them a second chance at life by giving them access to a healthy and safe environment to live and learn in and by offering them quality learning opportunities.

You can choose to donate your time, money or items that we need to give these children a good quality of life. Here are a few ideas to get you started

Sponsor a child: You can choose to sponsor a child. Sponsoring a child means that your contribution will pay for their education, health, food and daily living expenses. You can choose to donate the total amount in one go or fix easy monthly instalments.  We invite you to visit our centre and meet the kids. Please note that when you agree to sponsor a child, you don’t get to choose the child. We will allocate the sponsorship to the child most in need.

Support education: The gift of education is perhaps one of the best gifts you can give a young person. Here at Yashoda Foundation, we invite you to support a child’s education for a year. Your contribution will pay for the child’s school fees, uniform and all other related expenses.

Support a child: Along with education, the child needs a safe and clean place to live. with our current resources, we are supporting 25 children,but there are so many more out there! By supporting a child, you will be paying for their living, health and food expenses, along with you will also be paying in part for the staff who are employed to take care of the children.

Buy us groceries Taking care of 25 boys is not an easy task. We are looking for generous individuals or corporates who can support us by buying us our monthly groceries. Getting good quality groceries means that we can maintain a strict control over food quality and ensure that the children are getting nutritious meals.

Donate in kind: You can also choose to help us out by getting us the daily amenities the children need to keep themselves, their clothes and their home neat and tidy.

Donate your time: We know you are busy and that’s why your time means a lot to us. The children love having visitors come over and spend time with them. We are looking for volunteers to come over and be part of some of the following:

  • Literacy Group: Volunteers are invited to come and read with the children and help them do their homework. The idea is to improve literacy and reading skills.
  • Sports Group: Volunteers sign up in groups to teach the kids sports/ physical activities
  • New Skills: the volunteers teach the kids new skills, could be playing a guitar, making origami etc
  • Community work: volunteers take kids to clean up the area around the home area. They can also take them to older people homes or hospitals so that the kids learn more about helping others
  • IT skills: Volunteers teach the kids how to use word, make presentations, make excel sheets etc.. 
  • Community Drive: The volunteers participate in college festivals to raise some money ad awareness by selling cakes, selling second hand books etc..
  • Community Days::The volunteers and kids organise a day out
  • Livelihood skills: The volunteers teach lifeskill or other skills in the livelihood program


Celebrate your happiness with us!

Come share your precious days and moments of joy with the underprivileged at Yashoda Foundation. Many of our friends and well-wishers celebrate significant days of their lives with us at the ‘Inspiration Home’.

Many of our friends have also been celebrating their wedding anniversaries with us. They add to the joy by distributing fruits, chocolates, new clothes, notebooks and stationery to our children.

Some of the other events that our well-wishers have celebrate here include arrival of a member into the family, getting a job or a promotion at work among several others.

If you want to be part of the awesomeness thats Yashoda Foundation, write to us! It could be for one of the above mentioned programs or initiatives or it could be for something completely new! We would love to hear from you. Our email is gm@yashodafoundation.org

Donor’s Corner

You may donate to YASHODA FOUNDATION through a cheque/cash deposit or an online transfer.

Account name: Yashoda Foundation
Account number: 00211450000058
IFSC Code: HDFC0000021

If you want to mail a cheque, the address is

Yashoda Foundation
H.No.12-5-149/13/1,Plot No.143
Vijayapuri Colony, Beside lane of Axis Bank,
Tarnaka, Secunderabad-17
Telangana, India

Phone: 040 47766675, +91-9963404620

E-mail: contact@yashodafoundation.org; navinkb@yashodafoundation.org

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