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What we do

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We Are Yashoda Foundation, an NGO dedicated to being an end-to-end community based solutions provider and a public-private partnership enabler in areas of health, education and livelihood for vulnerable and at-risk communities.

We are currently working with  children and families at-risk in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana, providing them with an environment that helps them learn and mainstream into schools and livelihood opportunities. This is being done via homes, community centres and community based programs run by experts and volunteers who generously give their time and effort to help build a sustainable future for these children and their families.

Smiles, unrestrained laughter and hope are what drive us at Yashoda Foundation. Today, our children and families have hope. Hope that they can integrate in to society. Hope that they can learn and find good jobs. Hope that they can live good, meaningful lives.



Started in 2007, Inspiration, a home for underprivileged young boys provides a safe and nurturing environment for 22 boys aged between 7-14 years. Most of these boys are orphans or come from single parent destitute families who are unable to take care and provide for them.

Our aim is to provide a safe environment for the boys and keep them off the streets and a life of crime. The boys at Inspiration are provided with remedial education and are in the process of being mainstreamed into the Habsiguda government school.

The home has 3 bedrooms, 4 toilets, 2 halls, a big kitchen and a store room. Each room comes equipped with beds, bedding, racks  and cupboards where the children store their clothes, bags and daily use items. The hall is a communal space for gathering for meals, socialising and classes. The home also has sufficient water supply from the 2 big external tanks. The children are responsible for keeping their belongings safe and their areas clean and tidy.

The children are provided with healthy meals and snacks. We have lots of fun days where our volunteers and their families come over to celebrate birthdays or festivals and get special treats with them. The children also have access to a general physician in the neighbourhood who is kind enough to provide free consultation. The medicines are purchased from the neighbourhood pharmacy. The home also has a well stocked first aid and general medicine kit. Our volunteers and partners also organise medical camps at regular interval for a more thorough check up.

In order to raise children with high self-esteem and ensure that they are contributing members of society, we need to provide them with all the opportunities and encouragement a privileged child has access to. So, we take pains to provide an educational experience that is on par with city schools, and help them develop their individual talents, such as dancing, art, music or sport. the children also engage in community work to develop the attitude of giving back to those less fortunate than them.

These are children, who’s families are unable to take care of them. They are extremely at risk and faced the danger of a life of crime or worse. By giving them hope and access to education and learning opportunities, Yashoda Foundation is helping them become responsible and ensuring that they become contributing members of society.

Community Learning Centre 

Yashoda Foundation has recently taken over an unused community building in Addagutta and has converted it to a Community Learning Centre for children and youth at risk with special emphasis on programs for girls and young women. We already have 30 girls enrolled and started on a remedial education program.

The majority of the population in this slum are migrants working as daily wage workers, mechanics, auto drivers and maids with little or no access to even the basic amenities of life.

The Foundation has cleaned and partly renovated the decrepit centre and is in the process of mobilising the community. The plan is to run the following programs:

  • Early Child Education for 5 years and below
  • Bridge Schools for school dropouts between 6-14
  • Adolescent Education 7 Lifeskills for girls between 14-17
  • and Vocational Training for women and young girls

Our aim is to keep these children, adolescent girls and women off the street and engage them in meaningful education and train them to support themselves and their families respectably. 

If you are interested in working with us or contributing to these projects, please email us at gm@yashodafoundation.org.

Donor’s Corner

You may donate to YASHODA FOUNDATION through a cheque/cash deposit or an online transfer.

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If you want to mail a cheque, the address is

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